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In addition to the product range described in the previous sections, PAI-KOR has SPECIALTY PRODUCTS formulated to resolve specific technical or esthetic problems and which apply to interesting niche markets.
A few examples are:
Industrial floor coating
Opaque enamels not scratchable for various substrates
Chrome effect finishes;
Colored chrome effect finishes;
Chamois-effect finishes (using polyurethane microspheres in various colors);
Granite-look coatings;
Anti-graffiti coatings for various substrates, very resistant to solvents and perfectly stable against light and other weather;
Electroconductive coatings;
Coatings for cylinders;
Solvent-free polyurethane elastomers, which are stable against light and weather, for transparent and high-thickness coatings.

Plaforization, industrials paints and varnishing, intermediate products and pigmented paste for paints